Android Code Lab Nov 2012 event – Pune Live

1-Dec-2012 / 12.36

Jaspreet Singh from ‘Druva’ has started his session.

1-Dec-2012 / 11.46

Fortune pay gives its demo on how to take fuss out of the payments.

1-Dec-2012 / 11.40

The Media Ants product demo is given

1-Dec-2012 / 10.47

Baskar from Amagi answers to the audiences questions.

1-Dec-2012 / 10.16

Amagi uses cloud network to inject local ads into the MSO and Set top boxes

1-Dec-2012 / 10.11

Amagi is about bringing local business with little budget to the large medium of advertising

1-Dec-2012 / 10.05

Baskar says Amagi is about Disruptive, Large Market and India focussed

1-Dec-2012 / 09.59

Baskar S, co founder of Amagi starts his session.

1-Dec-2012 / 09.57

Ashish explains what is all about .and why it rebranded to NextBigWhat

1-Dec-2012 / 09.55

The #unplugged event just started @nextbigwhat

1-Dec-2012 / 09.17

Waiting for #unplugged event to start by @nextbigwhat

1-Dec-2012 / 09.14

Just registered for the event and in the MLR auditorium.

1-Dec-2012 / 07.45

On the way to the Unlugged Conference.

21-Nov-2012 / 14.05

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21-Nov-2012 / 14.05

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21-Nov-2012 / 14.04

First Post

10-Nov-2012 / 15.50

Thank you and see you in the next event.

10-Nov-2012 / 15.50

Android Code Lab Nov 2012 comes to end promising much more such events in the future by Shishir Vaidya

10-Nov-2012 / 15.48

Jaydeep Wagh finishes his session with a huge insight on HTTP Requests.

10-Nov-2012 / 15.38

Jaydeep Wagh explains some best practices while talking to the server and making requests.

10-Nov-2012 / 15.23 has API keys for services like Best Buy, Netflix, USA Today and so many more.

10-Nov-2012 / 15.21

Jaydeep Wagh gave us a valuable resource from where we can get APIs of many other services based on which we can build apps. Check out

10-Nov-2012 / 15.20

Jaydeep Wagh explains the Rotten Tomatoes API and explains it documentation.

10-Nov-2012 / 15.03

Jaydeep Wagh explains the advantages of ‘Modular Coding’.

10-Nov-2012 / 14.57


10-Nov-2012 / 14.56


10-Nov-2012 / 14.34

Jaydeep Wagh start his session “Basic HttpClient which talks to server”

10-Nov-2012 / 14.28

Rohit Lagu completes his session with a huge round of applause.

10-Nov-2012 / 14.20

Rohit is explaining his fourth point “Pasrsing request resonse.”

10-Nov-2012 / 14.05

Rohit Lagu continues with the session explaining his code about ‘Around Pune’ android app.

10-Nov-2012 / 14.04

Back from lunch session.

10-Nov-2012 / 13.15

Break for first session. Lunch being provided by GDG.

10-Nov-2012 / 11.26


10-Nov-2012 / 11.21

You can download his github files from the following location. Click Here.

10-Nov-2012 / 11.04

First session started by Rohit Lagu on Android Maps.

10-Nov-2012 / 10.50

All the participants and speakers have started to come in.

10-Nov-2012 / 10.35

10-Nov-2012 / 10.34


10-Nov-2012 / 09.56


10-Nov-2012 / 09.53

At the COEP venue Pune for Android Code Lab. Exciting!

10-Nov-2012 / 08.44

For people who do not know what this event is about or want to know more read the following link

10-Nov-2012 / 08.42

On the way to COEP, Pune. Can’t wait to learn something new.

What is GDG and Android Code Lab?

This GDG Pune is the the November months instalment of the monthly meet. Pune Google Developer Group meets once every month to discuss Google Technologies. This edition features Android Code Lab. In this session we explore the API of Android.

The members include both freshers and experts in developing applications using Google technology which includes: – Google Ajax APIs – maps, search, visualization, gadgets (JavaScript), Android – mobile development (Java) – Google App Engine – scalable cloud computing (Python and Java) – Google Web Toolkit – web development platform (Java) – Project Hosting.

The speakers

Mentor 1: Rohit Lagu

App Name: Arround Pune

  1. Introduction to MAP API
  2. Showing current location on map
  3. Integration with google Places API.
  4. Pasrsing request resonse.
  5. Showning places on maps which are in user selected catagoty.
Mentor: Jaydeep Wagh

Jaydeep Wagh to handle an entire topic which demonstrates, explains and builds a Movie Finder application for Android. The application uses API from RottenTomattoes

Application details:

  1. How to create a basic HttpClient which talks to server.
  2. Dealing with data exchange formats like JSON/XML
  3. Creating simple UI and showing the data received from server in the UI.

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