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    Micracles do happen. 

    If love is not madness, its not love. In the modern age where everything has become practical it is difficult to believe in anything. The other day I was working on a project. It was very unusual design for a bed. Instead of two legs [...]

    • 18 Apr 2016
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    Human’s sixth sense is not what you think?

    Tell me if you have seen any animal which captures a territory for food and woman, and after it does it sets up camp there and keeps someone else in incharge to invade another territory. Wait! This sounds familiar to me. Its us humans. We got [...]

    • 06 Apr 2016
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    Fix a Macbook Pro 2015 Retina after Water Damage #Howto

    If you are seeing this video then chances are that you must have spilled some water on your Mac book Pro. Don’t worry, in this video I will show you some important tips and Do’s and Don’ts as to how you can restore your Mac. [...]

    • 06 Mar 2016
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    Stand tall from the clutter using Toptal

    As you all already know I am a Youtuber and have been freelancing for 4 years now. Whenever I wanted to do something on my own and lack of skills stopped me, it gave me two choices. Find a juggad way of doing it or [...]

    • 28 Feb 2016
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    Which is the best phone network for first time travellers to Europe & Asia?

    Before I tell you which best phone network to buy, you should know why I got inspired to write this article. Here are few points which I learnt while travelling the Asian and European countries that I would like to share. These tips are best [...]

    • 30 Aug 2015
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    How NOT TO clean your keyboard of Macbook Pro after water spill?

    In the series of articles where I am talking about how I recovered my Macbook Pro Early 2015 model A1502 from water damage, today I want to talk about how to be careful with your keyboard. As soon as I spilled the water on the keyboard [...]

    • 12 Aug 2015
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    USB Wifi Dongle Driver that works with Yosemite

    Recently I had poured water on my Macbook Pro and damaged it. After recovering it from the water damage I realised that its internal Airport cart is not working. And because its a new early 2015 model there was simple no spare parts on Ebay [...]

    • 12 Aug 2015
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    Raspberry Pi 2 – Model B – Wallpapers

    Click on the wallpapers to download them. [...]

    • 08 Jul 2015
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    UnPluggd: Cloud & Mobility Edition – Dec 1 2012, Live from Bangalore

    Live Blog [liveblog] About the Event: Scheduled for December 1st (Bangalore), UnPluggd is India’s biggest startup event that brings together Entrepreneurs, Geeks, Investors, Angels and startup ecosystem together. If you are an entrepreneur or somebody who wants to build your own business, you’ve got to [...]

    • 30 Nov 2012
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    What is Firefox OS?

    Put your hands together in welcoming another mobile OS. Not just any OS but the one that is going to revolutionize the web standards. “Boot to Gecko” was the code name given to Mozilla Corporation initiated Firefox Mobile operating system before its name was changed [...]

    • 28 Nov 2012
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