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    Video monitor for DSLR – Portable LCD Screen

    So here it is – a multi purpose monitor. Because this DSLR video monitor supports HDMI port it can be used with any video device that is available these days. The idea behind using a battery powered screen was mainly for portability. The DSLR camera comes [...]

    • 26 May 2016
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    Acrylic Signboard (Backlit) – With Battery – DIY

    The acrylic signboard – backlit box will be 5inches deep. So I begin by cutting some acrylic on the table saw. Feed the acrylic when the blades are rotating in full speed to avoid chip out. Now I cut smaller strips which act as rails [...]

    • 23 May 2016
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    Queen size bed frame – Floating style

    Queen size bed frame – BUILD (Watch Video) The Queen size bed frame looks floating at first. That’s because the legs are inset inside with this unique curved design. The sides are raised by 3 inches so when I drop the matter inside it does [...]

    • 28 Apr 2016
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    Modern work desk – Build

    Modern work desk – DIY (Watch Video) This week I was asked by my friend to build a modern work desk for him. I thought of making this desk with pine, mdf and plywood. The desk will have a small drawer and a shelf. I start to make the [...]

    • 26 Apr 2016
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    Under table storage cabinet with drawers – How to

    The storage cabinet is 16inches deep and 2 feet tall. It will have four drawers. At the bottom I would raise it about 2.5inches with a toe kicker. First I start making the drawers from this long sheet of 12mm plywood. I measure and begin [...]

    • 23 Apr 2016
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    Wall mounted cabinet with plywood – How to

    This cabinet can be done in just 3 days. The time consuming work was drying of the veneer glue. The wall mounted cabinet is made with 18mm plywood. The wall mounted cabinet looks huge but its just 4 feet wide. The sides are decorated with veneer while the [...]

    • 21 Apr 2016
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    Portable table for Maktia MLT 100 Table Saw

    I bought this Makita MLT100 portable saw for my wood work. There is a small balcony I work in. So I built this small table on wheels to move the table saw wherever I want. It has this 6mm plywood which catches the saw dust [...]

    • 19 Apr 2016
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    UPS Enclosure which is weather proof – Build It

    This week I decided to make a UPS enclosure which also acts as a mini garden. It’s going to be kept outside so it has to be weather proof. Let me show you how I did it. I have all the cut pieces ready. The dimensions [...]

    • 18 Apr 2016
  • Read More OSMC Media Center and NAS storage using Raspberry Pi

    OSMC Media Center and NAS using Raspberry Pi

    Today we are going to go through the steps of configuring OSMC Media Center, which can be controlled using your android or IOS device as a remote. To create OSMC Media Center you will require: Raspberry Pi Keyboard and mouse to connect to the Raspberry Pi External [...]

    • 04 Apr 2016
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    #DIY – Make an Extension box to get electricity wherever you need

    I am a photographer. To be very specific I do still photography. This involves studio lights which uses electricity to power up. But because I did not have many power outlets in my studio I needed to make one exclusively for this purpose. The best bet [...]

    • 17 Aug 2015
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