Animated Locators on Map – PSD and jQuery Free Download

The maps that we usually embed into our project already have a lot of markings and legends in it. So when you add your own location pointers there are cases where they merge with the layout and go unnoticed. So just having a very distinct color does not solve this problem so we animate them to make them more visible.

By animating the pointers you get two main advantages:
  • They are noticed immediately.
  • The viewer will perform an action to know what the locators mean.

Screenshot of the Final Product

You can use this script even to show multiple locations (e.g. showing branch locations and its address). The location pointers are designed using CSS3. Browser compatibility of animation is available from IE7+ to all major browsers. The location pointers are totally customizable with colors. On hover they give you more details like the address of the location with a thumbnail pic. On hover the location pointer also changes color to easily distinct it from other pointers.

There are TWO OPTIONS provided when you buy it.
  • One solution shows the additional details like address on hover over the location pointers.
  • The second solution gives a provision to list all the addresses below the map and link the location pointers to them. This solution can be used when you have a lot of location pointers in a constricted place.

A PSD file is also included which has the layout design of this solution.

This ‘Animated Locators on Map’ will sure give you an edge when you want to embed a map and point locations to your project. It will grab attention and bring more visitors to your premises.

Watch Demo

Hope you enjoyed the download. Let me know your comments.

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