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Android Code Lab Nov 2012 event – Pune Live


What is GDG and Android Code Lab?

This GDG Pune is the the November months instalment of the monthly meet. Pune Google Developer Group meets once every month to discuss Google Technologies. This edition features Android Code Lab. In this session we explore the API of Android.

The members include both freshers and experts in developing applications using Google technology which includes: – Google Ajax APIs – maps, search, visualization, gadgets (JavaScript), Android – mobile development (Java) – Google App Engine – scalable cloud computing (Python and Java) – Google Web Toolkit – web development platform (Java) – Project Hosting.

The speakers

Mentor 1: Rohit Lagu

App Name: Arround Pune

  1. Introduction to MAP API
  2. Showing current location on map
  3. Integration with google Places API.
  4. Pasrsing request resonse.
  5. Showning places on maps which are in user selected catagoty.
Mentor: Jaydeep Wagh

Jaydeep Wagh to handle an entire topic which demonstrates, explains and builds a Movie Finder application for Android. The application uses API from RottenTomattoes

Application details:

  1. How to create a basic HttpClient which talks to server.
  2. Dealing with data exchange formats like JSON/XML
  3. Creating simple UI and showing the data received from server in the UI.

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