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Bike ride to Yamunotri to Pune – Part 1

Be spontaneous. Atleast for me it has brought nothing but joy. This trip without a destination was one such ride on my Royal Enfield Bullet.

I have been thinking to do a ride from Pune to the north for a very long time but like everybody I did not know when. There was work, family, schedule and bills to take care of. Then came a day when the urge to explore was just too much to handle so I decided to take off.

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Preparing for the trip

Some amount of preparation was necessary consider the duration of the trip and my safety. I made a basic estimation of the distance. Knowing the mileage of my bike I calculated the fuel cost. I gave my Bullet for servicing to change new engine oil, break shoes, fit in the luggage metal rack and checked wheel alignment. Wheel alignment was necessary because I will be riding at an average of 90kmph and the road will be super bad so I did not want the bike to wobble.

Apart from all these I took my personal safety gears like the bike jacket and gloves from, Studds helmet and armoured motorcycle pants. (Do not skip on these. I will safe your life.)

If not for the annoying 4G ad, Airtel actually has good coverage in the areas that I am going to travel. So I topped my data to 7GB for this trip. I had decided to search for places to stay, use google maps for the route and share a lot of pics on facebook during this trip. This required enough bandwidth and also I dint want to run out when I need the most. So 7GB looked like a enough amount for the trip.

What to take?

I had decided to travel for 15 days. And when the trip is this long you better take few things, which can save you from running around or stopping during your trip. Here is the list, which I always take.

  1. New tyre tubes. In case you have puncture this can save you.
  2. Chain link.
  3. Cable ties
  4. Cutting player
  5. Cutter
  6. Knife
  7. Torch light
  8. Tools kit which comes with your bike
  9. Tissue papers
  10. Battery pack for your mobile.

Day 1 – Pune to Surat

I did not start early and it was mistake. I had to wrap many things the previous night before I leave for this 15 days trip which kept me awake for long. The ride to New Delhi was 1500kms away. To keep the travelling time short I had to cover this distance in just 3 days. I had to cover 500kms per day to reach on time. Although I wanted to reach Ahmedabad the first day because of my late start I was able to reach only Surat. As I entered the city I learned that it was chaotic. No body followed rules and the traffic lights were kept only for decoration. But I also learnt something interesting. It was a land of textiles and cloth. I could see huge buildings with 1000s of shops that sell only cloths. Usually cloths are soled to customer as per meter. But here it was on KG basis. It seemed like fabrics were exported to all over India. After admiring the scale at which this place was operating I decided to call it a day. I use app to find a decent hotel. I found Best Western near the station. My experience with Best Western chain has always been good and this experience was no different. The rooms were very small but clean and well maintained. For a lone traveller this was enough.

Hotel: Best Western Yuvaraj (Decent and Family Stay)

Day 2 – Surat to Udaipur

Its time to enter Rajasthan. I have this habit of counting how many different number plates I see on my way. At minimum I see atleast two different state’s registrations plates. But I know in this trip I am going to cross over many states so the count is going to be interesting. This morning I wake up early to start my journey. I have to make up for the lost distance yesterday.

I pass Godhra which is one the important cities in the history of India. The city isn’t heavily populated or may be because it was a Sunday. Most of the shops were closed and I could see ghutka everywhere. Gujarat is a dry state meaning you will not get booz here. So people look towards ghutka and as result not one person’s teeth in Gujarat is white. So it is advisable to stay a bit far when you talk to the locals.

I could see a change in the terrain as I was driving into Rajasthan. The barren and dusty lands of Gujarat were replaced by rocky mountains on either side. The roads from being straight started climbing up and down because of the mountains in Rajasthan. But I fear if our kids will ever experience it. All these mountains are being quarried and dug for rocks. So it may soon vanish.

On the way I took time to find a place to stay in Udaipur. I decide to take break in Udaipur and explore the city. So I need a really good place to stay. I found Aravali Tent Resorts in the middle of the Gulab Bhag through makemytrip. I immediately booked the places and continued my journey towards my destination. Udaipur was turning very cold during the night and before I could reach I was shivering. I regretted choosing these tents as it was not helping my shivering. Even a hot water bath did not help. Then I decided to gulp down some hot soup and food to help me through the night.

Hotel: Aravali Tent Resorts (Very relaxing and can stay with nature. Perfect for couples)

The next I enjoyed exploring the city palace and spent the whole day there to take these beautiful pictures. Read more about the Udaipur City Palace Experience in this article.

Day 3 – Udaipur to Jaipur

Just like I have seen in Discovery Tv the days in the desert are very hot and nights are really cold. The same was the case wth Udaipur. When I drove out of Udaipur it was pretty bright and hot. After I crossed Rajasmand until about 10kms I saw only marble stone godowns. This made me wonder how rich is our country. It gives so much of this exotic stone but also made me sad to know that we are just exploiting it. I mean, what are we going to do after we run of this beautiful stone. The whole idea that these shops were lined to about 10kms just astonished me. And so I drove further through boring roads and villages into Jaipur.

All the options in makemytrip was costly so this time I choose to use Airbnb to book my place. I found this really cheap but good-looking place in the heart of the city. As it was in my route and don’t need much deviation I took this place. I paid just Rs.900 for the place and wondered why it was so cheap. When I entered the room I understood. There was enough place inside the room just for a bed, a small bathroom on the side and that’s it. It was very cramped so I went to the terrace. The food wasn’t good here but I was tired and did not want to do much by going around the city. I had couple of beers and ate my dinner to retreat to my little room for a good night sleep.

Hotel: Private space with Wifi (Very small place. Cheap to stay for a night. You can spend a wonderful evening in the terrace.)

Day 4 – Jaipur to New Delhi

This was the shortest distance of the ride. It was just 261 kms and I know that I would cover this in about 5hrs. So I took my time to finish breakfast at the hotel and leave by 10am. Every ride is an adventure. I forgot how the New Delhi traffic is and I realized when I entered Gurgaon. I chose to stay at Eden Residency to stay over. It was budget hotel but in the middle of a residential area. There wasn’t much around to shop or eat out. I was left with the only choice to eat my dinner at the hotel. I had reached early and got time to relax. So I just switched on the TV and took my laptop to go through the photos I had clicked during the trip.

I was about to meet my friend Suman here who will be accompanying me during the rest of the trip.

Hotel: Eden Residency (Budget hotel with good amenities and safe to stay)

Till this part of the trip I was just trying to reach the place from where the actual ride starts. From here on I will be riding into the mountains. Exploring the unknown roads. Going to places where no tourists has gone. Seeing the beauty of the mountains from another perspective where people usual don’t travel to. All this because I did not fix on a destination and I let myself wander.

Read the second part of the traveller story to know about the interesting places and locations where you wander with your loved ones.


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