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Buying more than I need!

This is part two of my post on Unnecessary expenses we all do. Kindly read it first.

Now that you have read it let continue with the rest of the problems and how I solve it.

Too much partying

At the end of a stressful week, I need a drink. I am past the point where I think that weekly drinking is injurious to health. While drinking I initially think that this week I shouldn’t spend a lot. But when you are high everything looks ok. So I always spend more than what I intend to. So these days I withdraw a few thousands and take that. I leave all my cards at home. Including debit and credit. This way mentally I am prepared to spend only within what I have. Even when I am high I remember the budget and tend to be within limits. This has worked out for me and might for you too.

All this comes to an end effectively today. I am limiting restaurants to 3 times a year with a strict budget. That’s once in 4 months. And these as a reward to me for keeping myself away from them. The Government of India law states that service tax need not be paid. And the restaurants have made it a habit to inform their customers that service taxes are added. And if you are not interested then you may leave. Why should we go to places like these? Its is our money that we are spending and we deserve good service. The menu prices are already over the roof above of which we pay a heavy tax. Huge money savings are possible here.

Stocking alcohol

I sometimes buy alcohol and have them in my balcony just chilling. When I know that one bottle of beer is enough for a good relaxation I go and buy 4 bottles. I tell myself they will just lie there in my fridge and I will have them later in the weeks. But these often get finished the very next day. Even though I know I cannot resist a beer I buy more than what I need.

If I cannot control it then I should remove the temptation altogether. After this COVID-19 lockdown even after being thirsty for two months when the shop opens, I’ll buy just one beer. In fact, I’ll post a photo of it on my Instagram profile.

Going on Vacation when I have debt.

After movies, the second obsession I have is travelling. I love travelling. The whole process of buying tickets, waiting for it, packing and going is just too good. And I prefer to call them travelling than tourism. That’s because my vacations are not less than 15 – 20 days. If it’s an international trip this is going to cost a lot. In the last post, I had spoken about my debts and how I am converting them to savings. For the past few years even with these many debts, I travelled.

When I travelled earlier I realised I have lost the freedom to actually enjoy it. I am stressed thinking about the day I return and about the problems I need to face. As a matter of fact, I could say I thought of becoming a FIRE member because of this stress.

By saving all the money I could have planned a better travel plan. It could have had a stress free one. I want a stress free travel. I want to travel for more days. A dream I always see is, me sitting on a beach with my laptop and look through the sunset. There is no pressure for me to work. I work because I want to. I freelance because that extra money never hurts. I am going there and if you are reading I am taking you along with me.

Phew! Writing all these took me so long. I never knew that I need so many changes in my life. Coming to think of it, this is scary. Implementing these will be way harder. But by first writing, I acknowledge the fact that I need change. I am going to change. There is no going back now. I’ll keep updating you in my blog how it goes.

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