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Clean and convert a light bulb into something useful.

My latest fascination has become to do something with things that would be of no use any more. But i chose those materials carefully. The materials i chose has to be exotic after i convert them into something.

So this week i have chosen to do something with a light bulb. Glass glitters and shines when polished yet the first thing that comes into our mind when a bulb fuses is to break it. Why not make something out of it. Well there are thousands of ideas that could come for one but the one i though was to convert into some sort of pot to hold an aquatic plants. It is transparent and we could see what happens inside.

Important: All through this tutorial when handling glass please wear hand gloves. And kids please help from grown ups. Also spread a mat or cloth or piece of paper and on top of that do all your experiments, so that later it would be easier to clean up your mess.

Note: Please click on any of the images in this tutorial to see a enlarged version.

So lets go through the steps one at a time.

1. Please gather your tools for the job. You would need a nose player, the bulb, a wire cutter and a screw driver.

2. Pull out the terminals with your nose player. Rip it off clean from the bottom.

3. Now break off the black tar at the back of bulb. Probably this would be the toughest in this tutorial. Please hold the bulb in your hand comfortably cushioned and hit on the black tar to break it off. Then use your nose player to pull them off.

4. Now to the inner lining of glass tube which holds the tungsten filament. This would be moulded along with the outer wall. Again with much care try to break this connection with your nose player or with the screw driver. It is very delicate so please be careful or you would break even the outer wall. Right now patience would be our best friend.

5. Once you have broken it carefully pull out all the contents from inside the bulb. Your nose player will come handy here.

6. After you have pulled out the big chunk of glass from inside the bulb just them the rest of the content on a piece of mat or paper that you have spread down.

7. Trim off the excess metal if you have any from the bottom of the bulb with wire cutter. This is really not necessary if you have a clean cut. But if you have jagged edges then you may trim them with your wire cutter.

8. Make sure that you have emptied the glass bulb completely. After that rinse the bulb with some soap water to take out any hazardous material. A small splash of colin also would do.

9. After you empty the glass bottle, now thoroughly rinse the plain water. This would take out the soap water residue, any hazardous material and small glass particles.

10. Now push in a clean piece of cloth into the bulb using the screw driver. This would help you dry off any moisture inside the bulb. This step can be skipped but if you are planning to do any art inside the glass bulb then this would be helpful.

11. Just pull of the cloth after you have dried the glass bulb.

And now here is a cleaned glass bulb. It is easy provided you do it safely.

Hope you like this tutorial. Do share with us what you have done with glass bulb using this method. Also if you have any such ideas please share it with us. Thanks for reading.

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