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Do we need to invest in Prince Pipes?

Prince Pipes is the talk of the market. Yesterday when I placed an order to buy this stock it did not go through. I thought it must be the problem of the platform. After a few times of trying I remembered to check the trading volume. There were buyers but no sellers of the stock. That’s why the price froze. After IRCTC stock I saw such a demand for this stock.

Little bit of history.

Prince Pipes is a 30yrs old company which as the name suggests manufactures PVC and other material pipes. During late 2019 they decided to go for an IPO to expand their business. This was part of an expansion plan in which they had recently bought a factory in Telangana too. The manufactured pipes are used in construction and agriculture mainly. 

The competitors and peers of Prince Pipes have a better market capital but their capital investment is not as good as Prince Pipes. The ROCE and ROE of Prince Pipes are more than the average of the industry. Their sales numbers and quarter results are better than the rest. After checking their investor’s page I feel that they are very passionate about their plans. 

I don’t like riding with the tide. I am not in for SBI Cards. Mainly because I do not understand it. I know many of us use Credit Cards. But at the same time, there is a negative feeling about Credit Cards. I do not use credit cards. After I invested in the share market I decided to check every brand I use before buying. I feel its a small part from my side for the company. This doesn’t mean that I buy items that I do not need. I just make sure I favour the brand that I have invested in. At the same time, I do not invest in stocks that I do not understand.

To conclude both SBI Cards and Prince Pipes gave and IPO during the same time of the year. But I prefer Prince Pipes because I understand their business and I haven’t invested in SBI Cards because I know nothing about how their system works.

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