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Fix a Macbook Pro 2015 Retina after Water Damage #Howto

If you are seeing this video then chances are that you must have spilled some water on your Mac book Pro. Don’t worry, in this video I will show you some important tips and Do’s and Don’ts as to how you can restore your Mac. How am I so sure? Because you are watching this video which was edited on one such MacBook Pro.

Here are the lists of steps which we are strictly going to follow.

1. Don’t Panic. Panic causes nothing but trouble.

If you have poured water on your Mac turn it upside down to drain all the water. Place a towel beneath the spill area and let it dry out for at least 3 days. If it is just a few drops of water, then this step should be enough.


2. Have patience do not switch on until 3 days.

You might think that drying the Mac like this may be enough, but drying by evaporation depends on a lot of factors: humidity of your place and the amount of ventilation.

So minimum of three days is must, 4 days just to be sure. You don’t want to gamble with your 1600$ laptop.


3. If you have dropped lots of water, then follow these steps.

It’s time to remove your Mac and clean it. You will require two very important tools

  1. Isopropyl alcohol, which is used in cleaning electronic gadgets. I got mine from eBay and was very cheap for 400ml it was more than enough for my need.
  2. Pentalobe screw drivers I got mine from Although eBay had lots of option I was very worried about their metallic quality. I had initially bought a more popular brand called Jackley only to find its metal was very brittle and I couldn’t even open one single screw so I Fixit was the best choice. I bought the entire screw driver set for 25$ but the shipping cost and the import tax charges were twice as much so the final cost I had to pay was Rs 7500. Why did I spend so much of money? Because without these tools it was impossible to clean the Mac Book.
  3. After each component is removed you can see the area affected, it will look something like this.
    10Pour some IPA in a cup, take a soft brizzle toothbrush and gently clean each logic board thoroughly. When I mean thoroughly it does not mean very hard. Be careful as these are delicate objects and need to be handled softly. So brush the boards enough until you remove all the rust created by the water spilled.12
  4. Let’s dry the logic board with some silica gel. Silica gels are the small packets that ship along with your electronic component when you buy one. They absorb the moisture very quickly. You can also buy them on eBay, but you will get very less quantity at a higher price. So I chose to use cat spill, it has all the same properties of a silica gel but it is also very cheap. I bought mine from Once you keep the alcohol cleaned logic board in cat spill it absorbs all the moisture, Alcohol already evaporates very fast so keeping it along with the cat spill speeds up the process. This way you can check if you have properly cleaned all the components. In my case after drying it once I realized it needed more cleaning so went ahead and gave a few more brush strokes with IPA. After cleaning every component it is the moment of truth.14

Time to put everything back. If you were like me, you would have taken the video of the entire dismantling process so you know which screw goes where. But don’t worry Mac book pro has very few components and it’s easy to put it back.

Try a dry fit test where you attached all the components. Close the back cover and boot it up.

95% of the time this should work. By this time when you hear the apple sound of boot up you should feel great relief. I was so happy to hear it.




If it still doesn’t work, then most probably the logic board is toast. But if it does which most probably it will then follow the next steps.

When you remove the heat sink and the fan, you must have removed the thermal paste. So buy a non-conductive, non-corrosive thermal paste with low thermal resistance. I bought mine from Cooler Master a brand very well known for its process for cooling solutions. It’s a bit costly, but has all the properties of a thermal paste. The point to remember while applying thermal paste is to apply the thin layer. It helps to close all the air pockets between the two heat conducting surfaces. So if you apply more it means that you are actually not helping the heat transfer process. But I actually applied a little more so don’t follow me.






My Macbook Pro had the entire Wi-Fi capability lost. But I was able to use the Wi-Fi dongle and get connected to the internet. I have written a detailed blog post on it.


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