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How NOT TO clean your keyboard of Macbook Pro after water spill?

In the series of articles where I am talking about how I recovered my Macbook Pro Early 2015 model A1502 from water damage, today I want to talk about how to be careful with your keyboard.

As soon as I spilled the water on the keyboard i started panicking. Because it was just barely 2 months old and I invested about Rs. 1,00,000 on it. So I flipped my Macbook Pro upside down and removed all the excess water. But i could see some still in between the keys. And i wanted to get that out.

Very cleverly (actually it was super stupid) I thought that I will use my wife’s hair dryer to blow the air out and possible evaporate those water drops sticking at the back of the keys. This was a very bad decision that I made. Here are the reasons:

  1. Hair dryers actually get pretty hot. So it can melt your keys. If used very closed to circuit board it can melt the soldering too.
  2. Blowing the air on the keyboard will only push water into the keyboard and further into the motherboard. (Really Bad)

This was the result of my keyboard after I did so.


It melted the keys in the keyboard as it was made of very light plastic. Just mere touching it left my finger prints in it. So never use the hair dryer.

Here is what I should have done:

  • Spill the excess of water off the keyboard by flipping it upside down. I did this step.
  • Shutdown the Laptop.
  • Put a piece of cloth between the keyboard screen. Close the laptop and keep it aside with keyboard facing down. So the water drains out of the keyboard. Do not use tissue paper. Use only cloth.
  • Let it stay there for at least 3 nights before trying to switch on the laptop again.

What did I do after I lost the keys to heat:

I had done some extensive damage to the keys of my keyboard. I had melted the lower two rows of my keyboard. You can see the damage here.


But these keys were still functional. The ones that were irrecoverably damaged was the up and down keys. They just did not fix it the butterfly sockets any more. So after recovering my laptop from water spill I had to use the keyboard without those keys.

Later after searching multiple sites which offer only replacement keys I found Laptop Keys site. They were very responsive to my queries and said they ship to India too. Their shipping rate to India was also very low. Although I wanted to fix all the keys by buying the replacement I wanted to spend little amount and test first. So I ordered only the up and down keys which was damaged totally. They had a very user friendly way of identifying the type of keyboard you have with your laptop. Mine was type A21.

It cost me about Rs. 1100 with shipping cost and I received it about 2 weeks later. Oh btw you cannot track your shipment which was frustrating. You don’t know if you will ever receive it or not and no way of knowing where it is at a given moment. Hope Laptop keys change that and offer ways to track shipment. Here is the shipment that I received in a plain white cover. At first I though they postman had dropped the contents of it somewhere on the way but it was still there inside. Thank god for that.


Overall I had a good experience with Laptop Keys site and the keys fit real good into my keyboard. They look as good as original and is made of very good material.

I hope this blog finds someone who is facing the same issue as I did and it helps them. If you have any question please let me know in the comments.


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