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Human’s sixth sense is not what you think?

Tell me if you have seen any animal which captures a territory for food and woman, and after it does it sets up camp there and keeps someone else in incharge to invade another territory. Wait! This sounds familiar to me. Its us humans. We got no sense and yet we claim that we have sixth sense. Or may be we do. Let’s find out.

The life of a lion.

Lion resting in the evening

After a male cub grows up it has to leave its pride in search of its own pride. But in the wild there isn’t any plots or real estate broker available where it can buy its pride. The young lion has to find an existing pride, fight with the pride’s king, defeat him and only then he can have a pride of his own. And if the young lion is able to take up the position as the king of the new pride all it does for the rest of its life or until it is dethroned is, work to save up his seat.

I have been taught that the sixth sense of human being is to know the right from wrong. When I was discussing this with my friend she told me that definition of good is very subjective and changes depending upon people. I fail to understand how this could be an ability of the human if the measurement of good and bad keeps changing with different people.

For example: the lion kills the old cubs of the new pride after he has taken charge. For the lion it is good because only then the females will mate with him. But for the lioness its bad news because her kids are killed. Much like what the terrorist and bad people do. I think you can make out the similarities right?

Kings din’t just rule.

King in red cape

A straight example of the lions life can be related to kings of the medieval age. A king would decide to invade a nation. His reasons could be anything from ego, the need for the natural resource to just expanding his empire. We have read in our history that many kings have gone to war and wasted many lives for ‘this’ need. Let’s just for a second accept that what they did was something necessary and for the welfare of the king’s people. The questions then comes is why did they not stop there?

Every king in the history who has gone to the war and won has done only one thing. He has again waged war to expand his empire more. At this point the word ‘welfare’ of his people or himself gets a new name. Its called ‘Greediness’.

Greediness comes in different form. We humans have evolved with greed so much that we don’t know the difference any more. Let’s come to the today’s age. A youngster who is out of college, dreams of getting a good job and enjoying a settled life. Although no one is never actually settled still everybody finds happiness with the word ‘settling’. According to many people settling in life means to have a family, own a house, have enough bank balance and a car to drive around. Many get this dream fulfilled too. But does the human get happy there. They want to buy another flat. A car for himself, one for the wife, one for the parents and so on. A car was invented in the first place so all the people of a family can travel together. But the greed has made the wants look like needs, much like the kings who wanted more land to rule.

The purpose of Innovation was a lie.

Space Rockets

“Humans are curious animals.”
“Innovation was required to make people’s life better.”

These are the biggest lies told to us. Yes innovations are required. No doubt. Without the internet I wouldn’t have been able to make this article reach you. But was internet actually invented to connect the world? Nope. It was part of a military project to connect different teams together so people can communicate fast and co-ordinate an attack.

Every major innovation that we use today were actually invented to create or aid a mass destruction. This includes the space exploration too. The video released by YouTube channel named Versatium showed the biggest nuclear missiles that are still kept in the Arizona dessert underground ready to be launched. Their launch system is intact minus the war heads. Each tactical missile can carry a 9 Mega Tonne nuclear bomb and can essentially wipe the life on the face of earth within seconds. These were kept during the World War to instil fear in the enemy’s heart. So much so that anyone should fear to start a war. These missiles are names as the Titans.

Although titans were actually created to carry bombs they later actually carried satellites to the space. Thats when they were actually fired into the space. This is one other example like many which tells us that we humans accidentally invent useful things and then claim to have improved the life of people.

Human cannot live with nature.

Cable car in snowy mountains

Have you seen a Polar Bear in Mexico or a Giraffe in Antarctica? Animals confine to their environments and know their limits. Humans think we are superior to other lives on earth.

The defenition of a parasite is “An organism which feeds from other organism but does not give anything useful back in return”. We humans love to travel to different parts of the planet like parasites. We go to the south pole and light fire to melt the ice. I dont see any other animals travelling out of where they belong and changing the environment to meet their wants. I know that you must be thinking if I have gone mad to ask you to not to travel or go to south pole and freeze to death.

Let me explain with an example which everyone of us must have done at some point of our lives. In India I have seen people travel to the mountains. Mountains unlike the plains do not have easy access to food and water. We have to live with what is available. But how many of us understand that? We expect a McDonald’s or your favorite Pav Bajji shop to be at the top of the mountains. With mass demand others see an opportunity an open up such shops there. Doesn’t seem harmless does it? If we notice a little closer you can see that we have changed up the order of nature. Bringing these shops brought in LPG gas, polythene bags, change in food style for high altitude and many more which were not supposed to be there. We need to learn to live with what is available in those regions. Like the great migrations in Africa let us also travel across the earth. But in the process let’s not bring in something that natured did not intend to. Earth is much older than us and know what is best for itself and others. Natured has served us with food that is perfect for that specific climatic conditions. Trying to do, create or eat anything else which is out of order isn’t going to build a better living. And this is exactly why humans can never live with nature no matter how hard they try.

Stop learning from nature instead try to co-exist.

monkey in snow

Mother earth has given everything for everybody. We see animals adapt to nature. They take what is required and leave the rest for others. National Geographic or Animal Planet channel has never showed me a Cheetah which hunted all the food it can and storing up in its fridge.

We have stopped living in the present at all levels. We do not enjoy the evening thinking we will do it during the weekend. In the weekend we are so tired to get out. When we do wake up in the evening we are so tired and bored to even take a walk to the streets. We eat junk today and sleep very little hours so we can save up money. Then later when we do have money we pay the hospital bills. In this process we have stopped enjoying what we have now.

Quit, don’t quit? Noodles, don’t noodles? You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present’.
– Oogway, Kung Fu Panda (2008)

The other day when I was coming back from dinner I saw a bunch of ladies jumping in their tights at 10:30pm. They called it exercise. Wasn’t it supposed to be done in the morning? I know this is off topic but I want to point out the examples here that we humans have changed everything to our convenience. We change every bit of the nature and then want to learn from it by setting up cameras on birds, whales, dogs, rats and all possible animals to learn how they live. Dogs don’t learn how to live from birds and whales don’t learn from dolphins. Why do we humans alone do this nonsense in the name of science. This brings back the lie that we discussed earlier. By setting up the camera we learn’t how to build fighter jets, submarines which were need for the war. Wars led to industrial revolution. Which again triggered the need for more materials and back to War.


Greed One

The only reason for every human action is being greedy. It starts from those extra pair of shoes that you buy which you will rarely use to the extra french fries that you order and eat only half. Greediness has been in us for such a very long time that we forgot what it is like to be free and without the pressure of wanting everything.  We collect things we hardly use leaving very little for the rest of the world.

I would like to rest my case here and open this article for discussion here.

Before I leave you thinking I’d like to tell you how monkey’s are captured. The poachers use peanuts or monkey’s favorite food to capture them in the woods. As you know monkey are excellent climbers. But they need both the hand to do the climbing. But when a monkey sees the food it tries to eat as much as possible and grab even more in one of its hands. When the poachers make a surprise entrance to capture, they try to climb the tree with one of its hand still holding the food. The smallest amount of greediness cost the monkey its freedom and probably its life.

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