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imo Messenger Review

Sept 29th, a Friday night! I sat in my room thinking how best I can use my smart phone and its fast 3g connection to bring down my ever increasing phone bill. Let’s face it, maintaining a long distance happy relationship doesn’t come easy without a sacrifice as small as paying up fat phone bills. And you may not be completely happy about the sacrifice either, are you?

Well there are few incredible inventions that restore our hope on technology to help us in our relationships! Ok I know this is too much drama, but I am that – a drama queen! Very recently I got introduced to this new chat client called And yes, you guessed it right. It was my tech-savvy boy friend who introduced me to this app!

IMO instant Messenger was developed by Goerges Harik and Ralph Harik and their team at imo. Visit if you want to know more about the development team. I can already read your thought bubble which says ‘Uh huh? Another chat client? What’s so great about this app that keeps this female keeps ranting about it?’ If you ask me, the most endearing feature is that you can send instant voice messages. Again, I can see those eyes rolling! Sounds like an existing feature? It may and we’ll tell you why.

The edge this app has got over the other major chat clients like Nimbuzz or Ebuddy is the user interaction! Something about the UI makes you instantly comfortable. The UI isn’t too cluttered – it’s Monica-clean! It could be just the theme or it could it actually be a better UI. I would leave it to you to decide that.

Now to some serious business of reviewing this app! I’ve extensively used both Nimbuzz and Ebuddy. Both are known to inexplicable time-out errors and random crashes. But the one thing that stood apart for is its speed. The instant messaging is actually instant and it only gets better with a good internet connection on your mobile. Next, it extends support to chat servers like MSN, Facebook Chat, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, VKontakte, MySpace, Hyves, and Steam. Honestly, I haven’t heard of half of them! Skype calls are more stable here, compared to the stand-alone mobile app of Skype, which keeps crashing more often than not.

Some features of are sending instant text and voice messages making voice calls, attaching and sending pictures, sharing location with people who may want to stalk you. :p and all this is done faster – just a tap away. Imagine you are on your girls’ day out and you miss your sweetheart. So you send a small instant voice message to let him know that you are having fun, but still you miss him. You sure can guarantee to see a smile on your man’s face. In an Android mobile, you can listen to those voice messages by clicking the small speaker button. As for iPhone, you need to hunt for your earphones. Another issue with this app on iPhone is, while your android friends will parade their fancy pics, you may not be able to customize your profile pics. This could be just for now! We may have to wait for updates.

You also have options to save your chat histories on your chat servers, an area where Whatsapp loses. You can search friends and invite them for group chats and run the risk of being spammed. :p This one supports the most necessary emoticons too.

The security features of this mobile are also good enough. You can choose to ignore friend request from strangers. There are auto-correction and auto-capitalization features. So iPhone users beware! You don’t want to be laughing stalk on :p One other major setback that these app-people may want to look at fixing for the iOS version of this app is the fact that you can’t turn on the invisible mode for GTalk and Facebook. You will have to endure people pinging you at wee hours or sign out and sleep. Android users can have a scheduled Do-Not-Disturb mode for this app. Fancy huh?

This app is available for Nokia, Blackberry and also

Download imo for iOS Download imo for Android

So we’ve analyzed this app through and through, and our verdict is this app scores easily over Ebuddy and Nimbuzz and has an edge over Whatsapp. You can use this app to leave cute love notes in form audio messages and surprise your loved ones! It is a free app, use it and tell us what you feel!

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