Thoda Aur

Micracles do happen. 

If love is not madness, its not love.

In the modern age where everything has become practical it is difficult to believe in anything. The other day I was working on a project. It was very unusual design for a bed. Instead of two legs there are just two bars which hold the bed high. The bed might look as though its floating in this design. But it was a very unbalanced design until we put everything together. So at the slightest doubt my friend who was helping me suggested that i should have taken the normal route and designed the bed like everyone. Hearing this over and over again from him I got very miffed about this.

Passion led us here

So the slightest doubt is all it takes for a person to actually stop believing in his ideas? I disagree.

I want to believe that a rose can bloom in a dessert. In practical it wont. Thats natural. Every body knows about it. But just for a second imagine… Just for a second… “What if it does?” The whole world will talk about it. It will be so cool. It will bring endless joy to whoever sees it. It will be a miracle.

That brings us to the next question. How can a miracle happen when it seems almost impossible. The word i would like to quote is almost. Whenever the word impossible is spelled it is accompanied by almost. Because everyone subconsciously knows that there is nothing impossible. So for a miracle to happen we have to believe in it firmly. Firmly without a slightest doubt. Not the slightest doubt against all the odds. For a rose to bloom in the desert, you need someone to plant the rose plant, give enough water and provide the right amount of shade. Along with this lots of belief that it will bloom. The belief will make you to take care of the rose plant everyday. The belief will pave way for your everyday schedule to make sure the plant blooms.

Kissing in the mountain

Such is love. Believe in true love, magical love. Its the love that will make you a better person. Its the love that will flip your world. Its the love that will hep you explore things that you thought you never would. I believe in it.

In every breakup I went through the process that everybody goes through. It made me question myself, my actions and their intentions. But never have I questioned love. Irrespective of my previous breakup i decided to love again selflessly. Give everything i have. Never put the burden of my previous breakup on the other one. But I failed again. I don’t know why? I don’t know what went wrong. But all i know is this. There is that mad love out there. I know it exists. I feel it ever time i think about it. The love that requires no reason to travel in the middle of the night to say Good Night. The love that steal glances when you order take aways at a restaurant. The love that stays happy and hungry for more adventure. The love that speaks without saying a word. The love that is mile apart but knows that the other person is missing u as much as you are missing her. I believe and so it will come true. It have no regrets that my heart got broken again. That is how I know I am young and human. I love the feeling of love.

Couple in a car

I wish all to believe in magic. You are not going to lose anything by believing in mad, true, crazy, timeless love. But if you don’t then you could be missing your biggest opportunity to be loved again.

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