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My dream about living minimally

I dream a lot. It sometimes doesn’t let me sleep. Isn’t this what
Padma Vibhushan Mr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said? My dreams are not restricted. I go with the flow no matter how absurd it sounds. Dreams pave the way for my future. Everything that I have dreamt and wanted has happened. Whether I full utilised my realised dream is a different story – Lol! But my dreams have come true. Now I dream of living minimally.

What is a Tiny House?

Right now I am dreaming of Tiny houses. Tiny houses is a concept to live in a small space which is just enough for the members of the family. It also intends to utilise the available space intelligently. Tiny houses may be small but they are the most beautiful I have ever seen. I am not new to living minimally but I am not an expert in it still. Trying to live minimally will be an ongoing process like how a child grows.

At my home, I have less furniture than most houses. Before even Mark Zuckerberg told the world that he doesn’t have a wardrobe I had dreamt of such a thing. I find it easy to not choose my clothes when all my mind is in the work I do. I do not use a washing machine and I don’t plan on buying one. These are a few examples of how I cut down on things that I or the environment doesn’t need.
Make sure to search on instagram about Tiny Houses.
Every house marvels me with its infinite possibilities.

A different approach to building home

In my previous post, I had discussed if buying a home is a good investment. Following up to it – I want to build a house from scratch that is sufficient for my family. I dream to have a small home surrounded by a lot of space for the kids and my pet Mike to run around. I want to teach my kids about growing their vegetables. They should be able to enjoy the fresh air that the trees around my yard will provide. One of the trees will have a swing in it! The backyard should also have a small pond with fishes in it. Maybe a water fountain powered by wind to keep the water moving. The children should understand what living minimally means. They should like it not because I tell them but by understanding it.

The home will be powered by solar energy. During monsoon, the rainwater will be collected. This water can then be used during the summer to water the plants. The waste from the kitchen should be composited. To a possible extent the water we used should be recycled. I want to wake up to a day where I am building all these things with no worries about the financial part of it

A house with no walls

The house we live in should have no walls. It will be built with recycled materials. I will try to find cheaper alternatives to the regular construction materials. Technology and information have improved a lot. It is out there, I should just find these informations. The house will depict the endless possibilities of things that can be done. The house should be painted in white to bounce all the lights. It should also have a sunroof in the middle to allow rain inside the home. 

My home will be self-sufficient. It will be futuristic and more importantly minimal. I intend to leave behind in the world my knowledge and ideas that can inspire others to start from where I left.

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