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My love-hate relationship with Dave Ramsey

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I stumbled upon Dave Ramsey when I was searching for videos about off-grid living and fire movement. FIRE stands for Financially Independent Retire Early. I found this strange person who was trying to say something that I liked about money. Like a sports commentator, Dave Ramsey wore a headset and was speaking alone sometimes not even looking at the camera. His suggestions to save money and debt-free were good. So I started digging deeper and I found more of his videos. The youtube thumbnail were wonderfully crafter. It was uniform and made easy to keep finding his videos. But yesterday I blocked his channel. Although I loved seeing his videos I blocked Dave Ramsey channel.

What do I like and hate about him? And why you should continue seeing his videos.

At first, when I started seeing Dave Ramsey video I thought the set design was an overkill. There was a soundproof room where he used to sit and talk while the technicians were in the other room. I kept wondering what’s with all this setup? A youtube video doesn’t need so much of production. Then when I read about him I understood that he was an American Radio Host.

Maybe the headset and the technicians were there to telecast the speech over the radio. But I liked the idea where he filmed the talk show and uploaded in on YouTube. Nothing wrong in getting two revenue streams while teaching others how to get out of debt. His production team is so good in giving great titles to his youtube videos, great descriptions and editing each talk show to a particular topic. One day I aspire my channel to be like his.

Dave Ramsey Youtube Channel
A typical Dave Ramsey video. To the right see the suggested videos.

In one of Dave Ramsey video, he spoke about his past. When he was 28yrs old he was a millionaire by doing real estate work. But his biggest mistake was that he borrowed a lot of money from the banks to do the business. And when the bank demanded all of it back suddenly Dave went bankrupt. This happened when he had a young child and his marriage was at difficult times. He hit the rock bottom so much that he decided to never see that place again. This is a story that you can often see him repeating in shows. Just like how Robert Kiyosaki keeps mentioned about his Rich Dad – Dave Ramsey reminisces his past often. After all, it’s his personal story and he cannot change it.
One of his youtube videos where you can see the elaborate set and huge tv behind which display only his logo.

Dave Ramsey and his solutions

Dave Ramsey gets many calls from his viewers who tell about their problems and he solves their issues. Or at least shows them a path to solve the issues. He also makes sure to tell them how absurd their plans were and stupid they are. He doesn’t leave a chance to mention that. Maybe he thinks by acknowledging the fact of the problem it is easier to correct the problem. I adore that. I personally feel that one should accept their mistakes first. Acceptance of an issue is the first step to reform.

If what he was doing is great then why did I blocked his channel?

There were a few reasons why I blocked his channel. These reasons kept crawling up slowly as I kept seeing his videos. Initially, it is difficult to notice them. Sometimes if you are not vigilant or resistive enough you might also start liking it.

My grandfather followed Jesus. Please note here that he did not follow Christianity. Following a religion and following a God is very different. A religion has many rules that are bent sometimes and changed many times according to human’s wish. God doesn’t change. He is always one and he has always meant one thing. My view is God says “Keep doing what you are doing. I am there with you.” The rest everything as to what is right or wrong is all defined by the human. Going to many churches I have seen some follow God and many follow the religion. Today by just keeping the cross many propagate their religion.

Dave Ramsey’s show takes the tone of religion many times.

Christianity used to be calm and soothing to hearts. That’s why when I see nun or go into a church I felt calm. But now all I hear is yelling and praising the Lord. Yes! Christianity has changed. And if something isn’t nice people are going to call it out like how I am doing. In one of his show, he mentions how he is mocked for being a Christian. Religion of any kind has no place when talking about ones problem. The caller’s problem did not come because of religion or going to be solved because of following one. Talking about it even subduedly means that one is trying to push his religion on others. If talking about sex even a little is inappropriate then how is forcing a religion on others is justified. Again I do not say God is wrong. Religion of any kind is not right.

Everyone is familiar with Dave Ramsey rants

While many like it – I find it irritating. He says that “Oh! you don’t like it. Waaa! Well, that’s how life is”. Yes, we know that Dave. We know life is bad. We have come to your show only because we have seen the bad side just like you did when you were 28yrs old. When you hit the rock bottom is this how someone spoke to you? If your kid is in trouble is this how you going to talk to them. Dave Ramsey may feel compassionate towards their callers but I see it coming off wrong. Talking about the issue over and over again rather than giving a solution.

Dave Ramsey video uploads
A view of the Dave Ramsey’s youtube channel.

The third point is presentation

Most of his videos are under 10 minutes. The videos are beautifully titled with the problem that is going to be discussed. But when you click you can see Dave shoving his hand under his armpits. Talking with long pauses. He repeats the same problem over again and again till the last two minutes. He keeps saying how the decision was stupid, how buying a car was stupid, how being in debt is stupid. Please tell us something we don’t know. We are spending our time and money (internet bandwidth) to come see you talking. Speak about solutions that would ease our problems.

Maybe if you see Dave Ramsey videos occasionally you might not note any of this problem. The more I saw his videos I soon understood the video titles to be click baits. The same topic is discussed under various titles. Sometimes as a long video with a collection of all small videos. And when you see more videos you can understand the religion point of view. I cannot shut all the negative things out there but I can shut myself from listening. I would still recommend Dave Ramsey video to others but with a little bit of caution. In fact, this post is also like the same. Watch Dave Ramsey video at your own risk of being humiliated and Christianity shoved down your throat.

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