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How did I manage to pass through the lockdown smoothly?

We all know how big the coronavirus impact was. There is no need for me to specially write about the difficulties we faced. I can strongly say that at least our generation and the next will not forget about such an epidemic which became a COVID-19 pandemic. For anyone including me who took going out of the home granted, this lockdown was an eye-opener. This was almost like solitary confinement. 

The event which changed my life

On December 26th 2004, when the monstrous waves had hit the Bay of Bengal it taught us a new word – Tsunami. I for one did experience it first hand. I was in Velankani which is a small town in the coastal region of Nagapattinam. I saw the water, death, howling and its something I will never forget. I am a 2004 Tsunami survivor.

2004 Tsunami
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My life changed when I walked up to a baby to see it lying dead on the floor. Her eyes were filled with water. I thought to myself if this kid who was just starting her life have died then what are we doing here? I promised myself that I will not waste even a single minute of my time. I realised that day how my life was delicate and that I should live every day as if it was my last.

It is only after that that I started learning new skills and travelling a lot. Its been 16yrs now since the Tsunami. During this period I have moulded my life in such a way that I enjoyed everything I saw in this world. Some came to me and to see some I have travelled. You can see my photography blog here.

Bali beach - copyright
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This photo was clicked by me in Bali. It was from a cliff and the water actually looked like this. There is no colour correction.

Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown was another eyeopener

This  COVID-10 pandemic (coronavirus) has made me realise something altogether. I am forced to sit inside the home and just be without any work. While the first few days went in me catching up on movies and seeing the news, the big realisation came later. Now there was so much of time to self reflect on me. I take a look at myself in the mirror and see how I was. With nowhere to go and not in a hurry, I started to understand where I was in my life. I started to slowly understand if I am actually happy or just getting carried away. 

I understood that I am proud of my past where I built a Makerspace almost debt-free. Almost – because very recently I took two huge personal loans to buy a machine and a tempo. Also, I understood that I am constantly unhappy that I do not have money. And this took a toll on my travel, family and my passion to try new things. After the tsunami, my life’s agenda had changed for the better, but now because I did not have the financial freedom I was getting locked by money. This wasn’t just it. I did not run my Makerspace to financially profitable. I had staff who were not good assets and a revenue model which I did not scale. There was so much I could correctly. 

Time to correct my mistakes

These two months during COVID-19 pandemic gave time for me to educate myself. After knowing where I lack I tried to fill it with knowledge. I started reading books. Technically I listened to books since I fall asleep if I read one. I listened to books regarding finance, investments, being productive, customer management and business management. I made sure I listened to a book for one hour a day. This made a world of difference in completing these many. Below is the list of books.

  1. Time Management – Eat that Frog
  2. Investments – Rich Dad Poor Dad
  3. Business – Run like Clockwork
  4. Customer Management – Never Lose A Customer Again
  5. Finance – Let’s Talk Money

Learning a new skill

I tried to learn programming in Android which I failed again. After spending two weeks I lost interest in doing it during COVID-19 pandemic. But habits are not dependent on interest. Habits are made using discipline and perseverance. While writing this I am telling myself that I will complete the course and also write my first application. It may not be fun but at least I would have completed a task.

I have also started writing this blog with one article a day. I try to writing early so that I can have it published the next day. Its been 18days and I haven’t missed a day. I am glad about this achievement. 

Thinking about it I could have complained about the lockdown. I did complain for some time. But then I think I made good use of the time given by this unforeseen lockdown. I have set very short goals like reading the book, writing a blog about the things I do everyday and learning android. These small goals I have done repeatedly (except android) and will keep doing. The bigger goal is to do things I haven’t done before which makes me a better person. I will tell you how it goes in this blog. So kindly keep reading.

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