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Pune to Lonavala via Mulshi & Amby Valley

We all know how to reach Lonavala from Pune. We take the easiest Express Highway route or the NH4. But this route via Mulshi & Amby Valley is for those who want to do a slow and calm ride during the weekend. I covered this route during November 2012 on 18th. Just before the winter starting here in Pune. The climate is cold and pleasant during this time.

This route calls for some really pleasurable biking. I took my Royal Enfield on this route thinking I will cover till Mulshi. But once I reached there I learnt that there is a route through which you can reach Lonavala. This route is not explored by many people and so there was no traffic. While driving through this route looking at the deserted nature it made me think what would happen if I puncture a tyre. I cannot do other that walk miles to find a mechanic.

But if we think all these we will never have an adventure. So i took up the challenge and rode all along to find some beautiful views and valleys. With lush vegetation all around and no human at all it was a perfect place to relax. I came across a huge valley that is shown in the gallery where practically on a weekend no one was there.

The road is rugged till you cross Mulshi. It is really a pain riding through this road. But the real fun comes after that as for miles together the road is just awesome. Do not be scared to take some uncharted routes because it will lead to you some great locations like the tall grass plantation that you will see in this gallery.

The total kilometers from Pune to Lonavala and back to Pune via this route is just 200kms. You can finish this distance in less than half a day. But start your journey as always early in the morning because you will come across so many streams and rivers where you wanna spend some time. So start early and reach early.

Once you reach Amby Valley it is civilization again and there isn’t much to say about the roads there. Because you would see it all the time. But the road from Mulshi to Amby Valley is just paradise for any biker.

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