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Restarting the business after Covid-19 pandemic

I love my business. I started it not to make money. “Money is always a product of passion”. But soon I realised that I do not know how to run a business. I learnt that only passion alone is not enough to make money. You need to follow certain rules when managing a business. Because in business it’s just not about myself anymore. I have to pay my employees and vendors. I also have to collect payments from my clients. I have to manage all these and I did not know this before COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

Take time to set up the shop that you always dreamt of

The lockdown gave me time to think about the mistakes I was making. I first acknowledged that I was doing some mistake. The books gave me an answer to my mistake. Restarting the business after COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is going to take time. The enquiries will pour in slow because there is a lot of uncertainty. I am using this time to set up my shop. In my shop, there are various problematic areas. The tools don’t have a proper place. There is no system in place for people to understand their duties. The company employees need their rules cut out.
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It’s difficult to implement the changes when there is actual client work. Deadlines and project pressure don’t allow the employees to understand these underlying concepts of work. Also, I took the time to teach some basic concepts of the computer to my staff so they can upgrade to the next level. This will not only help them but also the company. An educated employee is always a better resource.

Clear communication solves most of the problems

After the lockdown, it is important to communicate to the clients that we are open. Since all businesses are not open, communicating with them send a clear message that we are good to begin work. Also, use social media sending out regular updates to give hope to our followers. It also gives a chance for them to see how we are transforming ourselves post COVID-19 situation.

Keep the wheel running but don’t force it

Payments play are a large part of the business. Since the lockdown was imposed suddenly the wheel of payments may be stuck. I had many payments to make and receive. Read here on how I cut on the digital expenses. To the vendors whom I need to pay, I told them it will take time to get the cycle running. At the same time, I did not ask others to pay their dues. At times like these, it is important to feel empathy. If I do not like anyone ask me for payments then I shouldn’t do the same. Because a relationship is more important in business. I know the people who have to pay me for a long time and I know once the wheel gets spinning everyone will start paying up. 

The time heals everything. We just need to give time, act compassionately, communicate clearly and continue what we do best. Sure post Coronavirus world will not be the same. But we can find a better positive world in all the situation. Just be patient and do not give up. Most of all make the best use of time. Because time is the most valuable commodity and it can never come back.

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