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Ride to Pichavaram & Mangrove Forest

Sleep early on Friday is the first thing that you should do to enjoy this weekend trip. Because on Saturday morning it is very important to leave your home at 4am to see this spectacular Mangrove Forest. You may ask why so early?

Pichavaram Forest is at a distance of 215kms from Chennai and it takes almost 3.5hrs to reach there on time. The earlier you go the more you enjoy as the sun is down. You don’t want to be on the water through the forest on a mid afternoon when the humidity levels are at their peak.

The beginning of the row boat ride starts slow and boring but as you keep going you will understand it is worth it. You would see small “Nethli’ fishes jumping out of the water to see you. And if lucky catch them with your camera. The ride promises to take you inside two Mangrove tree caves and cover a total of 6kms. At the beginning of the ride the rower of the boat claims that he would take you through 10kms and take you through 3 caves. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS and DENY THE OFFER. It is waste of extra money as they do not keep their word.

Start at 4pm and you will be back in Chennai before 8pm depending on the traffic. I would suggest that complete your trip by a visit to the Natraja Temple at Chidambaram or to the Tranquebar.

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