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Stand tall from the clutter using Toptal

As you all already know I am a Youtuber and have been freelancing for 4 years now. Whenever I wanted to do something on my own and lack of skills stopped me, it gave me two choices. Find a juggad way of doing it or give it to someone who knows to do it. But I took the third way. I learnt those skills. And I learnt them thoroughly. All the skills (Flexbox, HTML5 & CSS3, WordPress, WooCommerce, jQuery) were incubated in me because of the need to do something cool on the web.

And so after spending a good 4 months on learning the core skills I started to create my first website and then going ahead I made many really appreciated websites for many happy clients. But in all these ventures I had one problem over and over again. No matter how skilled I was with great portfolio and years of experience with me, I had to put up with phoney, not so talented developer. These fraudulent companies and developers hired people to apply for jobs even without understanding them. Every job post I open within a matter of seconds will have 30 applications. I don’t blame the recruiters either for falling for these applications. If I were one I would sure pick up a person who has written a great cover letter. But I am a developer who has lot of heart and time to invest in code but not in writing different and beautiful cover letters for each job, especially when you have to do that every week.

Thats when I read about through The first thing that made me immediately skip whatever I was doing and apply is this. I read that I had to go through their screening process. And the chance to work with top profile companies was something that I always wanted to do. I wanted to reach a place where you have to prove yourself once and then based on my merits get more jobs. Toptal Web developers community offers to work with top brands and gives me an opportunity to stand away from the crowd. However according to Toptal this is not so easy.The screening process is very tough and only a small percentage of people can make through it. This inspired me more to apply for this. Because this means only the best will get through the doors.

I have applied to join them this week so I hope I will get through this. I will give my fullest to this job and wish for the best.


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