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The power of Financial Freedom

This video may or may not appeal to many. But it does to me.

Did you see the video? Did you like it? Can you see what the power of Financial Freedom can bring? Many would not like such a life. Many cannot imagine living out of the city and having time with just your family for the rest of your life. But I liked it. I like minimalism and what I can do with that. It cheered me up and gave me hope to keep going in my direction. If you are reading this and disagree then looks like we may differ in the choice of life we want to have after having Financial Freedom and Retire Early. But what we have common is that we want to do what we feel like.

The Makerspace I founded was made because of my passion for building things. My business started getting traction when people came in and saw what I have done earlier. Each product I made was unique and never seen before. I needed machines and tools which I cannot afford. But I needed them. I took loans. Today I don’t make any more furniture or create something new. After I tipped the balance and started spending more money I lost the freedom. Now I concentrate only on making money to meet my needs.

I know I will be more happy and productive if I get to do something without a deadline. If my family and I did not have to worry about food and shelter then I could focus on the creative part. Each furniture I make will have the utmost details. I run a YouTube channel where I show how I make these things. I wouldn’t have to rush to finish a video if I have the power of Financial Freedom. I love writing and give back knowledge to this world. I want to leave a mark by doing so. I can simply write every day, about various topics, about my passion and make some money through blogs. Only because some extra money will not hurt. Not because I need them.

Ride to Leh, Ladakh
Ride to Leh. One of the toughest

After I saw the movie Highway I made a promise to myself that I will live in the Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand for a few years. When I biked around India I found the rockies to be the best place. What I wouldn’t I give to just sit around and watch the days go by and see my kids grow. I want to teach my kids by showing them the nature. I want to teach my kids through practice. Turns out I need to give about 11yrs of my life. I need to save up for the next 11yrs. And I will.

In this life, I am born as a human. I could have been born as a bee, fly or even a cow. But I am born as a human. Humans have an extraordinary sense that animals don’t have. I can appreciate beauty, I can recognise my existence, I can be self-aware. I want to use all of these. In this large universe, a human is very insignificant. I don’t think we came into this world to earn money or buy a piece of land for ourselves. We have comes just to use this earth and leave it as it is and not change a thing. I feel we came here to live. But education and society have trained us to do everything apart from that.

I am reclaiming my life. Not for a week or month, but forever. I want to just live. Do all the beautiful things I ever wanted. Spend more time with my family. Raise a good family. And many be one day teach all this to my kids. So they learn not to disrupt the nature. So they are kind to people and animals alike. So they are wiser. Show them what is the value of money and why is it necessary in this world. But money isn’t everything. I will teach them the power of Financial Freedom and how they can earn that for themselves.

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