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USB Wifi Dongle Driver that works with Yosemite

Recently I had poured water on my Macbook Pro and damaged it. After recovering it from the water damage I realised that its internal Airport cart is not working. And because its a new early 2015 model there was simple no spare parts on Ebay for me to buy. So I decided to go with a USB Wifi Dongle.

But most of the Wifi Dongle has old drivers and did not support the latest version of Mac OS Yosemite.  After much research and with help from Macgazine website which gives a list of USB Wifi Dongles that work I was able to find the right one for me. The Indian market had D-Link DWA-131 dongle. While searching in google I found the D-Link site for the right drivers. It said that Hardware B version has Yosemite support in its Release Notes.

But then the one I ordered from did not send me version B but instead sent ‘rev E1’. This was a huge surprise and frustrating advancement. Because there were no site out there which supported this version of the Dongle. Even D-Link’s site did not list this item.

Again the search began. And finally after deep search I found the driver files for D-Link DWA-131E1 in the Australian server. This FTP url had the Drivers for D-Link DWA-131 Hardware A, Hardware B and Rev E. I finally downloaded the Rev_E (V2.3.3) version and it works properly on my Macbook Pro Yosemite OS.

Because this was a huge learning process for me and I understood while searching that there isn’t much info out there I thought of making a blog post for others to benefit.


DLink DWA-131 Wifi Dongle has drivers for 10.6 and above upto 10.10 version of Mac OS. But it was rare to find a driver for Yosemite Mac Os. The ones that I tried and tested and works fine are listed below.

8 thoughts on “USB Wifi Dongle Driver that works with Yosemite

    1. I had tried earlier to find it but was not successful. If you can show me a screenshot on how to find the chipset I can do the same and share it with you.

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for putting this. Can I check if this still works for El Capitan hackintosh? I am getting one.


    1. I haven’t installed El Capitan in my Macbook Pro. Please check the DLink website for their support before proceeding.

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