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Why do I eat a frog?

Frogs are an essential amphibian in the ecosystem. But they look disgusting. In some parts of the world, they are eaten. For me, that is disgusting. Still, why do I eat it? This was the title of a book that I read. This book is the reason for my practice to get the work done. 

Understanding the problem

Let me begin by explaining what this expression means. Before that, I needed to understand why I do to not complete my work. I am a good beginner and not a great finisher. It means that there are so many good ideas that I begin but never complete. And the main reason for this is procrastination. I have given the link to this book at the bottom of the article.

Procrastination is a process of avoiding the big work that I cannot escape from doing. Its looks ugly because I don’t want to do it. Just like the frog that I don’t want to eat. But the truth is I cannot escape without doing it. Yet I keep putting it off.

What does the book say?

The book suggested that I first eat the frog. I should first finish that work which is going to take a lot of time, but when completed will make a huge difference to my progress. It is this work that carries huge importance but I fail to do because it’s long. Once I finish that big work I have a lot of time to do the unimportant things. I don’t feel guilty that I waste my time after I finished the big work

This book is the reason that I can write every day for this blog. I tell myself to stop scrolling Facebook and first write one article per day. Then I reward myself by seeing Instagram before I start eating the second frog. Yes, there might be multiple works like these every day and keeping a reward after each helps me. I try to finish one after the other and as a result, the pile of work gets completed. 

Perfecting it

I am not perfect at this yet. I still tend to drift away. But I keep reminding myself to eat the frog first. I am trying to make this a habit until I start doing it subconsciously. This is one more step towards becoming a better myself. 

You can listen to the book here. I like Audible for this reason and this post is not sponsored. I am sharing what I love with you all.

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