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Will working two jobs make you a specialist in either?

In many Hollywood movies, I have seen the mothers work two jobs to care for their children. I thought it to be tough. Then came Elon Musk who made it look easy. He owns three businesses which are valued at multi-billions. How does he do that? We are here not to discuss a superhero like Elon Musk but normal people like us. Can one concentrate and excel while working two jobs?

Ever since I was a child I dreamed about owning multiple businesses. I did not know why I dreamt like that when I knew nothing about a business. Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata were my inspiration who manage multiple businesses. I just saw them succeed and thought if they can do it so can I.

The beginning

In 2007 I started developing websites. And in 2015 I started a DIY business. These branched out into two businesses and I loved both equally. Every day I used to do so much of research in both that I enjoyed the process. I wanted these businesses to be profitable but it failed. I almost had to close one business so that I can spend all my efforts on the other. This was very disappointing and was opposite to my dream.

Being a self-sufficient entrepreneur I involved myself in every aspect of the business. I know how to work a spanner and at the same time read balance sheets. I understood my business from grass root level because it was me who built it – one step at a time. Hence I did not give much control or responsibility to my employees. As a result when the business grew I had to make myself available in all places. 

Cumbersome time management lead to disaster

This totally drained my energy and I couldn’t deliver to my best efforts. The clients started growing unhappy. For a person who loved his business, it was very difficult to see it crash. And I am the only one to blame.

Most of the times I blame myself for the mistakes because I think that’s the first step to recovery. The mistake I had done was that I mixed both the businesses. I did not see them as separate verticals. Statistically, it is said that it takes over 15mins to change mind from one topic to the other. Because I mixed both businesses the time taken to change my mind from one to other was huge and as a result, I couldn’t do either. 

A new change. A new rule

After two years I have restarted to design websites while continuing with the DIY business. This time I am keeping things apart. Both the businesses will have their separate financials, timings, staff and results. This way I can track the progress. Elon musk divides his time into 5minute chunks where he concentrates on each task. For me, I take 90minute chunks to concentrate on each task. During this period I keep all social media and distractions away. 

Till now it has proven to be working. I am able to concentrate well on each business. Only time will tell if I had made any mistakes. But one thing is for sure. I will not accept my mistake as a failure. I will try again to be perfect.

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